The 2013 Nurse Bracelet, Inspired by USMC(Vet) Brandon Taylor

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Made with US Marine Corps Bloodstripes, A Limited Edition

Inspired and designed for USMC(Vet) SGT Brandon Taylor. Brandon is a long time friend of Nick's, who became a Veteran of the Marine Corps. Since departing his service in the military, Brandon moved right into the field of nursing, continuing his education to further better his career in life. Seeing his determination, struggles, motivation and late nights studying, Brandon finally pulled through all of the nursing curriculum, accomplishing his goal in becoming a nurse, soon to graduate this summer. As a graduation gift for Brandon, Nick decided to name his annual Nurse Bracelet after him, using USMC Bloodstripes to remember his roots as a United States Marine. Nick is proud and blessed to know Brandon and his family and will never forget his leadership as a Marine.