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Bands for Arms Invited to Support Jumping for a Purpose 2013

Bands for Arms has been asked once again to represent their organization at the annual Jumping for a Purpose event in Suffolk, Virginia. Hosted by Wounded Wear and Troopswap, Jumping for a Purpose is a veteran-led event inviting Wounded Warriors, the Hampton Roads community, and supporting organizations to celebrate and honor the sacrifices of Wounded Warriors. 

The event will be held on May 18th and 19th and will include various forms of entertainment, a non-profit fair, and several food and drink vendors. The event will culminate with forty Wounded Warriors jumping from 14,000 feet over the grounds in an effort to raise awareness for Wounded Warriors and their families.

 Bands for Arms is excited to support the event again this year and will have  a table set up during the festivities. 

Bands for Arms founder Nick Mendoza III is looking forward to supporting the cause once again. "I would love to focus my time since I will be in VA, on this event. Let's focus on our wounded for this to bring an emphasis to our fans who have been injured." said Nick recently when discussing the invitation with the Bands for Arms staff.

This will be an amazing event aimed at supporting those who have sacrificed so much. Come out and support these veterans and don't forget to stop by and check out Bands for Arms while you are there!

To visit the Jumping for a Purpose event page click here.